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Melden & Hunt Services

Melden & Hunt, Inc. was founded in Edinburg, Texas in 1947 as a full-service consulting, engineering and surveying firm. Melden & Hunt, Inc. has become the engineering and surveying firm in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas, offering the most diverse array of services available to anyone in the region.


Since its inception, Melden & Hunt, Inc. has assembled a team of professional engineers, registered land surveyors, design technicians, construction inspectors and administrative support with the expertise required to provide a broad range of professional services.

​Our success is due to a fundamental business strategy of building long-term relationships with existing clients, and establishing new ones.


Since opening its doors in 1947, Melden & Hunt, Inc. has attracted and retained clients by offering a commitment to engineering excellence, a commitment to quality, and most importantly, a commitment to exceptional customer service regardless of the scope and size of the project.

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