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South Texas Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Experts

Melden & Hunt, Inc. has the required experience and outstanding record with numerous clients for the development and implementation of numerous water and wastewater treatment improvement plants throughout South Texas and the state.

What  is wastewater and why treat it?

Wastewater treatment is the same thing as sewage treatment. Much of the water used by homes, industries, and businesses must be treated before it is released back to the environment. Treatment plants reduce pollutants in wastewater to a level nature can handle. Wastewater is used water and can include substances such as:​

  • Human waste

  • Food scraps

  • Oils

  • Soaps
  • Chemicals

  • And more

Treating wastewater properly is important for our environment and for our health. There are a lot of good reasons why keeping our water clean is an important priority for:

Wildlife Habitats – The Rio Grande Valley is full of lakes, rivers and beaches that are critical habitats for hundreds of species of fish and other aquatic life. Migratory water birds use the areas for resting and feeding.

Recreation and Quality of Life – There’s nothing better than enjoying the cool waters during a hot summer day in the Rio Grande Valley. From South Padre Island, to many of our local lakes and pools, visitors are drawn to water activities such as swimming, fishing, boating and more.

Health Concerns – If not properly cleaned, water can carry dangerous bacteria and diseases hazardous for our health.

Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a professional, qualified team, Melden and Hunt, Inc. ensures our clients’ satisfaction in the following select areas of focus:​

  • Water and Wastewater Services

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Wastewater Collection Systems

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Water Distribution Systems

  • Pumping Facilities

  • Capital Improvement Plans

  • Master Plans

  • Grant Funding Assistance

  • Permitting

  • Construction Inspection and Management
  • Wastewater & Water Distribution Systems Evaluation & Modeling
  • Odor Control

  • Water Towers

  • Reservoirs

  • SCADA/Control Systems

Water & Wastewater Clients

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