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Land Surveying for the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas

Melden & Hunt, Inc. has accumulated the largest collection of surveys and maps throughout South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. We operate well-equipped survey crews with professional project experience in all facets of boundary, topographic, highway, construction, and hydrographic surveying.

In order to provide our clients with the most accurate surveying capabilities, Melden & Hunt, Inc. utilizes the newest equipment, latest software, and most advanced surveying technology for surveying. By using new technology, Melden & Hunt, Inc. is raising the bar and setting new standards for productivity, accuracy and cost efficiency. Our survey techniques allow for the expansion of accurate and cost effective procedures into our surveying services.


It is the understanding of and the commitment to new technologies, combined with strong conventional surveying techniques that make Melden & Hunt, Inc. unique.

Surveying  Services Include

  • Abstract / Title Research

  • Right-of-Way

  • Horizontal and Vertical Control

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Construction Staking

  • Elevation Certificates

  • Pipeline Survey

  • Route Survey

  • Boundary Survey

  • Design and Construction Survey

  • Improvement and Loan Plats

  • Ranch Survey

  • Topographic Survey

  • ALTA Survey

  • Real-time & Static GPS

  • Well Locates

Surveying Clients

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