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Transportation Engineering for Texas and the Rio Grande Valley

Melden & Hunt, Inc. serves government clients with more than 50 years of experience in transportation planning and design. Throughout the years, Melden & Hunt, Inc. has tackled virtually every kind of transportation challenge, from preparing massive corridor studies, providing program management for new road construction, to the designing of bridges. Using a flexible process, we work with our clients to implement solutions that are viable for today and tomorrow.

As a leading provider of consulting engineering services in South Texas, we provide total project management and have the technical breadth and depth to make any transportation project a success.

The planning aspects of transportation engineering relate to urban planning, and involve technical decisions and key factors for safe future forecasting of traffic flow.

Transportation  Engineering Services Include

  • Major and Minor Roadway Design

  • Roadway Construction Management and Inspection

  • Transportation Planning and Design

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility
  • Construction Inspection and Management

  • TxDOT Entrance Permits

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