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Michael Hernandez

Vice President

Michael Hernandez is responsible for the supervision of water, wastewater, irrigation, and various other civil design projects. His primary focus is to provide the utmost satisfaction to the client via ensuring projects are complete within the allocated period of time and within the budget that has been assigned.

Michael Hernandez operates under a certain degree of autonomy using engineering staff and resources allocated to him to provide top quality service to the client.

Michael Hernandez is directly accountable to a Principal Engineer/Vice-President. He maintains a strong client relationship, meets profitable goals, and ensures the project team is providing high levels of client service.

Key Working Relationships

  • Municipalities

  • Public Utilities

  • Water Supply Corporations

  • Irrigation Districts

  • Funding Agencies

  • Regulatory Agencies

  • Engineers

  • Land Surveyors

  • Sub-Consultants

  • Engineering CAD Designers

  • Survey CAD Technicians

  • GIS Technicians

  • Legal Counsel

  • Financial Advisors

  • General Contractors

  • Equipment Manufactures

  • Supply Vendors

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