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Roberto N. Tamez, R.P.L.S., E.I.T.

Vice President

Roberto Tamez has over 12 years of surveying experience. He has led surveying projects throughout the South Texas region, for both governmental entities and private sector clients. He is proficient in scheduling and coordinating large public and private projects and has worked on a wide range of federal, state and local infrastructure projects.

Since he has been with Melden & Hunt, Inc., Roberto Tamez has also managed and provided land surveying services related to boundaries, design, construction and mapping. Other services include lot corner searches, subdivisions, lot line adjustment, line staking, parcel maps, right-of-way/easements, boundary surveys, topographic mapping, commercial and industrial surveys, global positioning surveys (GPS), ALTA surveys, expert witness surveys and analysis.

Roberto Tamez has adequate experience working with various Municipalities, Public Utilities, Department of Transportation, Irrigation Districts, Water Supply Districts and all other utility companies that typically have an impact on surveying projects. It is important to note that Roberto Tamez also has a strong relationship with these entities since he works with them on a daily basis.



University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas

BA Geography, 2003

Licensed Professional Land Surveyor

Texas No. 6238

Government Agency

Areas of

  • Texas Water Development Board

  • Texas Department of Rural Affairs

  • USDA Rural Development

  • North American Development Bank

  • Border On Environmental Corporation Commission

  • International Boundary & Water Commission

  • US Environmental Protection Agency

  • US Fish and Wildlife

  • US Army Corp of Engineers

  • Texas Commission On Environmental Quality

  • Texas Parks And Wildlife

  • Texas Historical Commission

  • Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 1

  • Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 2

  • Hidalgo County Irrigation District No. 3

  • As-Built Survey

  • Boundary Survey

  • Design & Construction Survey

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Horizontal & Vertical Control For Aerial Mapping

  • Real-time & Static GPS

  • Improvement & Loan Plats

  • Ranch Surveys

  • Right-of-Way Survey

  • Topographic Survey

  • Land Title Survey

  • Standard Land Survey

  • Route Survey

  • Location Survey

  • Construction Survey

  • Investigative Survey

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